Vector Photorealism

These are a few of the photorealism projects I have worked on using different tools and methods within Adobe Illustrator. Although I am a commercial artist, all of these were created as personal projects to furthur my skills, techniques, patience, and understanding of Adobe Illustrator.

Vector Photorealism 1
Gradient Mesh with Pen Tool details. Created in approximately 60 hours as a test of my knowledge and to help me better understand the gradient mesh tool.
Pen Tool and Transparency w/ Live Trace Background. Created in approximately 30 hours as a personal project. I tried to create a stylistic mix of photorealism and illustration. The background was created using live trace and gaussian blur.
Outline View of Illustration Only (No Background)
Outline View of Illustration with Live Trace Background
Blackberry 8800
Pen Tool and Divide w/ Photoshop Background. Created in approximately 36 hours as a student project at Full Sail University. All shapes were drawn manually with the pen tool, divided and manually colored. The background was created in Photoshop.
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