2007-09 Full Sail Portfolio- Digital Arts & Design

Student design work of Seth Teeters while studying Digital Arts & Design at Full Sail University.

Digital Arts & Design, Full Sail University
Designed while I was attending the Digital Arts & Design BSc Program at Full Sail University.

This is a collection of design work created as a Digital Arts & Design student at Full Sail University. In my degree I learned graphic design, video, motion graphics, 3d, and web. My main area of focus was graphic design, specifically advertising, as well as flash design and development.
Advanced Computer Graphics: This assignment was to create a photorealistic illustration of a mechanical object. After spending the first four days trying to pick a good object to illustrate, I finally took a quick photo of my phone and got to work. The next 48 hours were filled with caffeine, pen-tooling, and hand cramps. A valuable lesson in time-management was learned. I also developed a deep hatred of small trackpads (and purchased a good mouse the next day). 

Typography and Layout class: After making the earth day posted I was inspired to do something more. The next assignment was to create a typographic design (an assignment intentionally made generic to allow creative freedom). I took it upon myself to create this design for the African Conservation Foundation, and after working out the details it was used by the ACF on the tshirt design shown. You can purchase one at http://www.africanconservation.org/ 

All proceeds benefit the ACF and their efforts. Shortly before my graduation I contacted the ACF and learned that my design had generated enough profit to pay for the salary of one park ranger. 
Flash Fundamentals class: This is actually one frame of a looping animation. The assignment was to create a flash banner advertisement for any volkswagen car. I decided to create a cool looping animation and got the file size down to <40k by illustrating the whole thing. Actually that might have been a requirement, I don't really remember. View the animation here, http://sethteeters.net/VWBanner/
Advanced Flash/ActionScript Techniques class: They told us to create a game, and then basically showed us how to create a simple side scroller game. I felt like that was kind of cheap. I mean, you show me exactly how to do it, give me the code to do it (via tutorials) and then that's the final assignment? So I decided not to do a side scrolling game, but rather create a basic physics engine and put a little character on a planet that he can jump around and collect falling items to increase his time remaining. I don't thing i realized what I was getting into when I started, but it worked out in the end, and I learned a lot in the process.

Personal Project: This one I decided to do on my own. I setup my camera on a tripod with a long-exposure and spelt out each character with a LED. Since making this I have made a few more fonts and have been seriously thinking about pursuing a side career as a type-designer. It's a lot of fun. You can buy (or just go check out and zoom in on) this font here, http://www.istockphoto.com/sethteeters
Digital Video class: Yeah, this is NOT a digital video... I can explain. The assignment was to create a video tutorial of any technique we wanted to explain. I took this to mean spend ~60 hours creating a photorealistic vector illustration, turn it into an Illustrator ad, and then create the video tutorial part in the final two days. Like I said, I made my main focus on graphic design. If you need someone to edit video, I'm not your man... sorry. (but I actually can do that too, I didn't completely blow off the class... I mean, I still got an A)
During the final three months at Full Sail, we were given the freedom to work entirely on our portfolios. This meant creating new material, touching up old projects, and creating deliverables (web site, printed portfolio, etc). I felt my portfolio was lacking a strong print ad, so I assigned myself this project. Before thinking of a concept I decided to start with a client, and better yet, gave myself 30minutes to pick one, and if I couldn't in that time I would just do Red Bull (because I was drinking one). So 30minutes later I began. 

I based these ads around the concept that Red Bull equals pure energy. The concept began semi-comically but after forming the idea a little more I realised it could be fun, light-hearted ad that it would work well for Red Bull and appeal to a large audience. In the first one you see Einstein sitting in a chair pondering Red Bull. I wanted to take this furthur and show how Einstein discovered his famous equation E = MC2; by first discovering that Red Bull = MC2
Upon graduation I moved back to Indiana and took the position of Jr Graphic Designer with the American Camp Association. To view my work at the ACA follow this link, http://t.co/PcPuAJqk. Thanks!
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