2015 Sports Design for BHSN Softball

Graphics, photography, and branding work created for the 2015 BHSN Softball team.

The following graphics and photos were produced by myself for the Bloomington High School North Softball team during the 2015 season. As a volunteer for the team, I provide marketing strategies, design support, photography, and social media management.
Beginning January 1st, we began distributing pre-season designs to help build anticipation for the upcoming season. This design showed the team logos for the rivals that we would face throughout the season.
Using photography I had shot from the previous season, I created several countdown graphics that were distributed on social media. This one was posted 12 days before our first game.
Another example of a countdown graphic, this time posted 5 days before our first game.
Graphics were created for all players, with their name and number, to create a uniform consistency across graphics when they are needed. This specific graphic was used to highlight one of our senior players.
Another example of a graphic promoting one of our senior players.
For all games throughout the year, I created a Game Day graphic that would be posted to all social media outlets in the morning. This helped remind fans of the days event and spread awareness to potential fans who hadn't planned on attending. Most graphics were created in advance, using a standardized template that I created, and scheduled to post automatically. This workflow greatly decreases the amount of time and effort required to maintain this campaign.
During most games I would take photography that would be edited and posted to social media following that game. Occasionally, I would capture significant moments that we wanted to share with the community. To highlight the significance of key events, I would apply a branded design treatment.
Another example of a graphic that highlights a key moment during our season.
Sharing the successes of the team is important for building our fan base. To celebrate our winning games, I created a standardized template to visually communicate our success in a way that would stand out in a social media feed.
Another example of a Final Score graphic, showing the teams win and key information.
At the end of the season, we were able to use our stat tracking software to find several of the key plays that happened throughout the season. To show off our individual players and our team overall, we identified the "top play" for each player, and I created individual graphics in a "scorebook" format with key information that is visually appealing and shows the significance of the play to fans of the sport.
This example shows a key diving catch that was made by one of our players. The photo is of the actual catch during the game and the design shows the details of the play. These were scheduled to post once per week until all players had been shown.
Here is an example showing a key offensive play that was memorable to fans at the game, and can now be relived and remembered in a new way.
Here is another example of a memorable play that shows the pitching information and play details from the winning strikeout at one of our rivalry games.
Concept graphics that I created to show potential options for a series of apparel and printed materials.
These graphics were used to promote the BHSN Softball program during the 2015 season. To learn more about the marketing strategies and results, view my Sports Marketing project here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/27799629/Sports-Marketing.
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